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Sam Moore Can Help You Draw Cartoons - Draw Cartoon People

The good Lord blessed me with a natural ability to draw and as young as 6 or 7 years old I started drawing all my favorite comic characters. I now love to draw cartoon people and help folks learn how to draw cartoon people.

me learning to draw cartoons

My drawings were not that great in the beginning but I learned that the more I practiced (even though I was copying the work of another person) I continued to get better and better until I could easily draw cartoon people.

You can succeed in learning to draw cartoons if you are willing to practice the principles I will teach you.

If you can draw a straight or curved line, a circle, a triangle, or ovals of different shapes then you are well on your way to learning how to draw cartoons and more specifically draw cartoon people.
you can learn to draw cartoons - draw cartoon people

Sam Moore

Sam Moore's eBook Can Help You Draw Cartoons -
Draw Cartoon People

I show you how you can use your friends, family or people you have never met to help you draw cartoons. I also show you various methods professional cartoonists use to draw cartoon people.

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How To Draw Cartoon People